Our Company

Established in 2003, Mared Al Iraqiya is one of the leading distribution companies in Iraq.

Who We Are

Mared Al Iraqiya is a joint-venture between Malia Group and Al-Gaood Holding. It has forged alliances with some of the largest multinationals to sell and market tobacco & FMCG.

The company is structured into two separate units with each catering to the specificities of the different market segments. We make sure that through our investments, brand strategy, and excellence in execution, we grow year-on-year organically and through portfolio enlargement.

What We Stand For

As a pioneer in the Iraqi market, we are committed to being a leading consumer goods distribution company. We value quality and customer service above all and are devoted to exceeding the expectations of all our stakeholders. We make it our mission to ensure the safe and fault-free delivery of all products we are tasked to distribute throughout the country, as per international standards.


We believe that our most important assets are our talent.

At Mared Al Iraqiya, our Human Resource team empowers employees and ensures retention by providing tools of learning and programs that promote advancement and career development.


Iraqi Employees



What Makes Us Successful

  • Presence & Coverage

    Presence & Coverage

    We are directly present in Iraq’s major governorates and enjoy a global presence throughout Iraq thanks to our unique route-to-market strategy. Moreover, we guarantee prompt product availability and a highly efficient direct sales structure.
  • Systems & Automation

    Systems & Automation

    Our main and remote offices are interconnected using the latest secure data networking. Mared Al Iraqiya’s dedicated sales force uses cutting edge technologies in handheld devices and mobility solutions, ensuring an online timeline for faster and more reliable delivery and reporting.
  • Corporate Governance

    Corporate Governance

    Mared Al Iraqiya is a subsidiary of Malia Group. As such, the company follows the company’s Corporate Governance Principles and standards.
  • Financial Strength

    Financial Strength

    As a leading distribution company in Iraq and with a solid investment strategy, Mared Al Iraqiya has the financial capability to continue on a trend of growth and development even in the most challenging circumstances.
Quality Management and Transparency

Quality Management and Transparency

Thanks to our systems and governance, we are committed to full transparency with our partners, from sharing accurate data and feedback from the market to setting all necessary plans and executing them in a timely manner with a clear assessment and ROI.

Believing that quality management is the foundation for all improvement and customer satisfaction, we have implemented a Quality Management System which allows us to continuously enhance our policies and procedures.

Business Continuity

Since we operate in a high-risk environment, we make it a priority to foresee and assess upcoming issues and obstacles that may impede our sales and logistics operations.
In doing so, we set contingency plans for different scenarios which allow us to overcome the most challenging developments.
Our branches and warehouses are located in strategic regions, near most of the Iraqi borders in the North and South, as well as in the Central parts of the country – allowing for the smooth and easy flow of goods from all sources. Moreover, our GPS-equipped fleet of delivery vehicles allows for continuous transportation between different provinces and warehouses.

All our warehouses are equipped with security systems that ensure the safety of cargo and the handling of shipments from point-of-receipt to delivery. Our measures in addressing threats and concerns abide by international standards.
Award Winners

Award Winners

Throughout the years, Mared Al Iraqiya’s dedicated team has accrued partner awards for excellence in execution, on-time delivery and record-breaking sales figures. Here are some of the accolades celebrating the company’s most recent collection of accomplishments.
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